Discover our comprehensive range of shipping and freight services tailored to meet your specific needs and ensure reliable transportation of goods to and from Iraq and beyond.

Land Freight

We offer reliable and efficient land freight services for transporting goods to Iraq and neighboring countries. With our extensive network of transportation partners and experienced team, we can handle cargo delivery to various destinations, including Trebel Border, Arar Border, and Safwan Border. We ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods through our comprehensive logistics solutions and tailored transportation options.


Sea Freight

At AL TAWSEEL Company, we specialize in sea freight services for transporting goods from all over the world to Iraq and other countries. We charge and discharge cargo from Dubai ports and worldwide ports to Iraqi ports, providing efficient marine services and handling logistical, technical, and maintenance requirements for ships. Our team of experts ensures the timely and secure delivery of your cargo, handling all aspects of the shipping process from start to finish.

Air Freight

AL TAWSEEL Company provides efficient and reliable air freight services for transporting cargo within Iraq. With our extensive network of air cargo carriers, we can handle all types of cargo and offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals ensures the safe and timely delivery of your cargo, with a focus on providing high-quality service and meeting your expectations.


Transit Transportation

At AL TAWSEEL Company, we provide efficient transit transportation services for moving goods through Iraq and neighboring countries. Our experienced team ensures the safe and timely delivery of your cargo, offering tailored transportation solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need to move goods from Umm Qaser port or other locations, we have the expertise and resources to handle your transit transportation needs.

Customs Clearance

AL TAWSEEL Company provides comprehensive customs clearance services for ensuring that your goods meet all regulatory requirements for entry into Iraq and other countries. With our experienced team and comprehensive knowledge of customs regulations, we can ensure the smooth and timely clearance of your goods. We handle all aspects of the customs clearance process, including documentation, inspection, and other necessary procedures, to ensure that your cargo is delivered to its destination without delay.

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